What is A/B Testing in Marketing

Utilize AB testing to measure and compare the success of your marketing campaigns.

What is A/B Testing?

When your website goes live, the true work is really just beginning. In addition to tracking user behavior, you may constantly be assessing and re-assessing the functionality of your digital presence. This is where A/B testing comes in. One of the ways to gauge the efficacy of your website is by testing it often to see what your visitors respond best to and how you can shift your strategy as needed to meet the needs of consumers. 

Just 99 Marketing is an industry leader in this effort, offering AB testing to our customers who need an assessment of how their site is performing and where improvement can be made to enhance conversion efforts. Call us today at 800.413.4998 to learn how we can get you started with A/B testing to ensure your website is helping your business endeavors. 


What is A/B Testing in Marketing?

A/B testing follows the same kind of experimental pattern you may have learned about in science class. A/B testing consists of taking control and test groups and comparing the outcome from the two under certain conditions. In A/B testing, the control and test groups to your website to determine how certain components present. 

The idea behind A/B testing is to determine which set of visitors reacted better to specific elements on your website. The purpose of AB testing is to give you insight into what might perform better on your website in terms of layout, functionality, design and more. You can use AB testing for a wide range of questions regarding how your website works and presents to potential consumers. You will know the answer between the two groups based on which one is more likely to engage in conversion after engaging with a component of your website. 


What Should A/B Testing Assess?

Ultimately, A/B testing copy will show you how to improve your website in myriad ways, which will hopefully get you more customers. Among the components of your website that can and should be subject to A/B testing include: 

  • Call-to-action buttons: For instance, when your visitors engage with the call-to-action buttons on your website, do they receive a pop-up or do they end up going to another page entirely? This is the kind of information that AB testing will analyze and give you insights on regarding which your visitors prefer. 
  • Contact forms: A/B testing will tell you if visitors engage well with contact forms, how likely they are to fill them out and show you which type of form the different visitor groups prefer more. 
  • Buttons: Any buttons on your website should be subject to A/B testing to show you which visitors prefer and whether button location is an issue. 
  • Visuals: Any visual elements you have on your website should be included in A/B testing to ensure that they are engaging enough for visitors. 

How to Do A/B Testing on Your Website

There is quite a bit of A/B testing software available to aid in the process of AB testing for your website. However, this is one of the reasons it is much better to go with professionals who have a background in A/B testing and can guide you through the process effectively. The last thing you want is to invest in software for the purposes of A/B testing only to find that you did not use it effectively enough to make tangible improvements to your website. 

Call Just 99 Marketing today at 800.413.4998, so that we can walk you through the process of A/B testing and make sure that you know all you need to before embarking on this journey of website improvement. 


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