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We offer a simple way to finance your small business marketing strategies.  


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    Loans $1,000 - $250,000

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    Quick Approval 1-2 Business days

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    1-12 Years Terms

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    Effective marketing is the key to a successful small business. Apply for working capital to fund your marketing campaign Today.

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    Once you have working capital, it can be used towards your marketing budget, and we can help you create a results-driven strategic marketing plan to grow your business.

Working Capital Loans for Startups and Small Businesses

Use Your Working Capital Loan to Boost
Your Marketing Game

Does it feel like your marketing strategies aren’t on par with your competitors? Do you lack the working capital to compete? We offer working capital loans for startups and small businesses designed to make them the big fish online. Raise your brand profile online by utilizing your working capital loan to scale and expand your business. 

Boost Your Marketing Budget

Unfortunately, the old business adage “you have to spend money to make money” is still true Today. The problem is, you need to have money to spend it. This makes it extremely hard for startups to get leverage in the marketing world, but not if you choose to work with a company specializing in marketing for startups. Just 99 Marketing offers a leg up to our small business clients by offering access to a unique lending platform that provides working capital loans designed to fund their marketing efforts. We regularly help small businesses find the working capital they need to create extensive marketing campaigns to scale their business. Our digital marketing experts excel at marketing for small businesses. We can set up a multichannel marketing campaign to diversify your marketing strategy and help boost conversions. 


Working Capital Loan Terms


550 Credit


6+ Months in


$5000+ Monthly

Our funding qualifications are simple because marketing for small businesses should be just as simple. Access unsecured loans quickly and without judgment; let us help you finance your marketing campaign. 


Why Do Small Businesses Fail?

There are two main reasons why small businesses fail: They run out of working capital, and they fail to appreciate the value of marketing for small businesses. When you work with Just 99 Marketing, we can help your small business avoid both of these potholes by financing your marketing campaign to accelerate your business growth. We provide unsecured loans with flexible payment terms to small businesses that agree to allow our team to handle their marketing strategies.

Working with a bank or traditional lender can take months and waste valuable time that could have been spent marketing and growing your business to boost your online presence and profits. We help you bypass wasting time by providing a solid marketing campaign and a working capital loan to increase your odds of growing and sustaining a successful business. We know precisely what small business needs, which is why we provide working capital loans and marketing.


Accessible Working Capital

Every business has different needs; we offer loans from $1,000 to $250,000 designed to help you reach them. 


Approved Loans

We have helped thousands of small businesses access necessary working capital. 



We work with dozens of lenders to help match small business owners with the best lending network based on their financial needs. 

60 SEC

Fast Approval

Anyone in the digital marketing world knows time is money. That’s why we don’t take your time. You have your answer and access to working capital within 60 seconds. 

1-12 Years Terms

Flexible Payment Options

Your marketing strategy and financial needs can change, which is why we offer flexible payment options from one year to 12.